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4 Comments on Dark Thoughts: Smallville Secret Identity and Some Other Stuff About the Finale

  1. praxis0scream

    I agree with your argument about the framing device… it was a little bit lackluster and unexplained. I would just like to point out that there was a small story ark in which Lois confronts Clark about his natural hero persona while working at the Planet, and attempts to dumb it down. This was the first episode that Clark tried on glasses, which didn’t fly right away but caught on eventually nonetheless. Clark explains that what Lois is asking of him is similar to the way he acted in high school, and at first he was hesitant. If memory serves, the episode ends with him bumping into a fellow employee and apologizing, admitting it was his fault. The segway into his new “classic Clark” persona was slow and awkward, but definitely present. A series to be missed, and fuck yeah I’m so excited to see what is done with Batman… Smallville was originally supposed to be a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne story, but apparently Superman is more marketable.. go fucking figure.

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