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Capcom Bringing Back Strider in 2014

So San Diego Comic-Con happened this past weekend. Obviously Death’s Door Prods was not in attendance, but rest assured, we will be reporting on all the news that was announced at the event up to a week after it stops being relevant. To kick things off, Capcom is reviving one of their old franchises that isn’t Mega Man.

At SDCC Capcom announced that they will be releasing a new Strider game in 2014. The game will be side-scroller with 3D graphics and non-linear gameplay. Along with the new upgrade mechanic, the game is going for Metroidvania-style gameplay. Both Hiryu and his signature sword, the Cypher, will be upgradable.

For Cypher the upgrades will be new skills for the sword, like the ability to set dudes on fire with it (as well as open things called fire gates) and deflect enemy bullets back at them. On top of Cypher, Hiryu will also gain access to new weapons, like a sickle for climbing and kunai knives for projectiles.

For Hiryu, no specific upgrades or skills aside from those mentioned above were said. Double Helix, the developer of the game, did show off the game’s huge world map, which players will be exploring to unlock the new skills.

Speaking of new skills, it was also revealed that Hiryu’s scarf will no longer be cloth. Instead it will be a plasma scarf which will change color depending on what skill you have equipped.

Double Helix says that is working very closely with the Capcom team in Osaka, along with the designer of Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts and the enemy artist for Strider 2, in an effort to retain the authenticity of the series.

Strider is coming in early 2014 to the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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