This Month, Let’s Watch Christmas Horror Movies


It’s December, and that means that the holidays are just around the corner. So we here at the Death’s Door Prods compound tried to think of the best way to celebrate the holiday season. We already took the suicidal route last year with the Twilight series, so this year we’re going to try to spread some happiness. Instead of a month of something horrible, we’re going to be doing three weeks of entertaining and one week of something horrible with Christmas themed horror movies.

There were actually quite a few Christmas horror movies out there that we didn’t know about. Some of them looked pretty good, most of them looked really stupid, and one of them is one of my favorite horror movies. We had a hell of a time widdling the list down the four we did, but here’s our schedule for the month. Please to enjoy, and happy holidays.

  • December 6th – Rare Exports
  • December 13th – Jack Frost
  • December 20th – Santa’s Slay
  • December 27th – Black Christmas remake

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