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Alan Wake gets some DLC, and it’s the best kind! Free!


Do you have Alan Wake? You don’t? Well, go get it. Not just because I’ve given it nothing but praise for being the greatest game of all time ever in the history of games. Or cause it’s story is like that of a TV show and will have twists and turns and cinematic moments that’ll make you want more. Or because it’s an award winning game from Remedy. It’s because of DLC! Worry not folks, it’s the free kind! And who doesn’t like free?

While the original DLCs (The Writer and The Signal) are still a pay-for-play, this DLC offers a handful of bonus materials that’ll give the Alan Wake¬†fanboy, like myself, enough filler to slow the pain of waiting for Alan Wake 2. This DLC Package includes; behind the scenes footage/demo videos, concept art, 2 Original Alan Wake graphic novels, the game’s screenplay, and so much more. The entire time I was writing this article, I was shaking with joy. So, all you need to do is buy Alan Wake on Steam. That’s it.

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