Marvel Announces All-New Doop


While I do know some stuff about comic books, I’m still not as well-versed as I would like to be. When I read books with long-standing continuities (which is basically all of them) and I see characters or references I don’t know, I will look into them to see what they’re all about. But one character I didn’t do this for was Doop. I first saw him in Wolverine and the X-Men as the Jean Grey School’s front desk blob and secret guardian, and loved him instantly (much like every other character he comes across). So the news that he is getting his own series is fucking awesome to hear.

Marvel has announced that, as part of their All-New Marvel NOW! initiative, the weird green thing will be getting his own limited series from character co-creator and writer Peter Milligan, co-creator and cover artist Mike Allred, and interior artist David Lafuente who I know as the guy who drew Ultimate Comics Spider-Man after Ultimatum happened. The book will start out around the events of Battle of the Atom. Apparently, while all that retarded bullshit was going on in the main story, Doop was in the background and played a key part in the event.

Marvel talked with Milligan and Lafuente about the upcoming book and asked probably the most important question about the book: Why Doop of all… things? Lafuente said..

Because even in a universe inhabited by zillions of crazy characters like machine-gun dolphins and talking bombs, Doop is still unique. That’s very interesting. Maybe it’s the combination of his look with the kind of stories he’s involved in; the way he lives in the margins, the charm. It’s been more than a decade since he first appeared and he remains mysterious. He definitely has something.

Milligan said that ever since creating the character, “Doop has been a character that’s close to my heart, and probably several other organs to boot.” He also got a bit philosophical, saying the better question to ask was “why not Doop?”

All-New Doop issue 1 goes on sale this April.

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