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Rupert Sanders Named GITS Director


For those who aren’t aware, GITS is quite simply the acronym for Ghost in the Shell, Masamune Shirow’s acclaimed future crime drama manga, then later an anime. A little over five years ago, Dreamworks (you know, the movie company) acquired the rights to produce a live action movie of the series, or at the very least featuring some of the characters and settings. Then there was nothing.

Until just recently, when Rupert Sanders was named as the director of the future film. Sanders is likely best known currently for Snow White and the Huntsman, one of the films in the “gritty reboot of childhood fables” era of film most of us would like to forget, but he was also at the helm for those awesome Halo: ODST commercials, so all hope is not lost.

While a director is an important step, there very likely won’t be much more activity on this project for a while, so don’t go camp out to get your tickets first just yet.

Source:Flixist via Japanator

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