Akame ga KILL! Anime Announced


Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine has revealed that the popular manga series, Akame ga KILL! will be receiving an anime adaptation this year. The manga follows Tatsumi, a young fighter from a poor village, as he leaves his home to go to the city in order to make some money to send back to his family. He is disappointed to discover that the city is entirely corrupt, then he gets robbed and loses the little money he had. He is then taken in by Aria, a girl of noble birth, but soon after, Aria is attacked by a band of assassins fighting the corruption in the city by simply killing all the corrupt people. The leader of the assassins just so happens to be the girl that robbed him earlier, so naturally, Tatsumi joins up (or gets forcibly drafted, it’s basically the same thing).

Akame ga KILL! is written by Takahiro and Tatsuya Tashiro, and has been ongoing since 2010. If you’re going to check this one out, be aware that it is well known for it’s violent and extremely graphic death and/or torture scenes, with little regard for the regularly “off-limits” groups of people (like children and pregnant women).

Source: SGCafe

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