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Super Retro Trio to Launch in March


Last year, Hyperkin announced their RetroN 5, a retro console that supports nine separate game consoles from the NES to the Game Boy Advance. The RetroN has been delayed until the first quarter of this year, and it looks like it will be launching with some competition. Well, not really.

Retro-bit, a video game accessories manufacturer, have announced that their Super Retro Trio, a combo console that supports the NES, SNES, and Genesis, is going to be launching this March. The system will include three individual cartridge slots for each console, six controller ports (two for each system), two “16-bit” controllers that look a lot like the SNES controllers, an AC adapter, and an S-Video/AV cable. All of that will run you $69.99.

Retro-bit will also be releasing the Super Retro Adapter, an attachment that will let you play GBA cartridges on the Super Retro Trio as well as the original SNES and “any other third-party 16-bit console.” The adapter will run you an additional $44.99, bringing the total price up to about $115.

Now let’s compare that to the RetroN 5, which supports all the console that come natively with the Super Retro Trio, the GBA, the Famicom, the Super Famicom, and the Genesis add-on things that make that giant Sega tower. All of that, with 720p HDMI output, will run you $100. So like I said, not much competition.

The Super Retro Trio is scheduled for release in mid-to-late March, 2014.

Source: Polygon

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