Josh Boone Nearing Deal to Write/Direct Stephen King’s The Stand


In a couple of months, the film adaptation that the internet is freaking the fuck out about, The Fault in Our Stars, is coming out. The director, Josh Boone, has only one other credit to his name which is the romantic drama Stuck in Love. I bring these two films up because it seems a bit weird that a guy who’s only worked on romantic films may be adapting Stephen King’s very non-romantic 800+ page novel about the end of the world.

TheWrap is reporting that Boone is nearing a deal with Warner Bros. and CBS Films to write and direct an adaptation of The Stand, written by Stephen King and originally released in 1978. The book is set in a world where over 99% of humanity has been wiped out by a weaponized strain of influenza called “Captain Trips,” and focuses on two camps of people; one is a democratic society led by Mother Abigail, and the other is a tyrranical dictatorship led by a man named Randall Flagg.

I have not read the book, and while I’ve only seen parts of the mini-series, I do like the idea of the story. And even though I haven’t seen Stuck in Love, I get the feeling that Boone isn’t exactly the best choice to write or direct this kind of story. But who knows? Maybe it’ll be great.

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