Disney Confirms The Incredibles 2 (and Cars 3)


Pixar, for the longest time, was pretty stingy on making sequels to their films. In recent years, though, they seem to be taking queues from their parent company, Disney, and started producing more sequels. But a sequel that fans of Pixar’s superhero family have been craving had yet to be announced. Instead we were getting sequels and spin-offs to Cars. That is, until now.

Disney CEO and chairman Bob Iger announced that Pixar is working on a sequel to The Incredibles (and also Cars 3). The Incredibles 2 is currently being written by Brad Bird, director of the original film. No details were given about the plot of the film.

It was also announced that Disney would be re-releasing The Incredibles in 3D, alongside Ratatouille.

I cannot wait for this movie. The Incredibles was a fantastic film about families, so it will be really cool seeing how the world setup in the film has changed since the events of the first film and how the family has changed over the years. Especially Jack-Jack.

No planned release date was announced for The Incredibles 2 (or Cars 3).

Source: Variety

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