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Upcoming PS4 Update Adds HDCP Off and Share Enhancements


Around the launch of the PS4, Sony made the announcement that a post-console launch update would remove the HDCP lock. This would allow Let’s Players (like us) to record PS4 gameplay footage over HDMI through a capture card instead of using the built in video stuff. The wait almost over now, and the update will be coming with some more stuff.

Sony has announced that update 1.70, which is coming in the next few weeks, will allow players to remove the HDCP lock on the PS4. Oddly enough, this update also includes a rich video editor to personalize video clips, and export video clips and screenshots captured with the SHARE button to an external USB device.

The also announced some features of a future update. That update will allow Twitch broadcasts to be archived, and bump up the broadcast resolution to 720p.

No specific release has been announced for update 1.70, but it will be coming in the next few weeks.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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