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Hey everybody, just a quick announcement about a relatively big change to the website. For the past few years we’ve been using the forum software Simple:Press here on the website. And for a while, it worked really well. With the post-linking and the pretty easy drag and drop UI on my end, it was a great platform and I do recommend it for anyone looking to make some forums. But unfortunately for us, things changed for both Simple:Press and us. They started charging for literally everything except the base software, and we got our current look (which I still really like) and the forums didn’t really work well with it, to the point of actually altering the website when you visited them. So I decided it’s time to switch over to something new.

And with that decision, we now have new forums, brought to you by phpBB. It’s a free software thing that requires a bit more knowledge of databases and coding and such so it’s not for everyone, but I managed to punch it until it worked right so take that for what you will. With the new forums, we’ve lost the posts from the old forums (all the post-linked ones and the T-shirts suggestions from big_man_cjs). So the forums are completely barren now, but hopefully you guys can fill them up now that auto-generated posts are clogging them all up.

Someone I’ve been asking for advice about running a website said that community is the most important thing, and I believe that. I want to build a community on this website, to talk to you guys (assuming anyone who visits this site is actually a person and not just a robot or cleverly disguised mongoose), and have you guys talk to us. Every new person who signs up for an account on the website will have an account automatically created on the forums, but if you’re an existing site member I am working on getting everyone all set up. There’s just a lot of you guys/robots/mongeese now so it will take a while. Maybe this move will help. Or maybe it will fuck everything up, who knows? Either way, our new forums are up and running right now.

You can find them by click the Forums tab in the main navigation bar or by going to deathsdoorprods.com/forums.

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