Persona 4: Golden Anime Announced

Some of you may be familiar with Persona 4: The Animation, or perhaps the game it is based on by the same name (except, you know, without “the animation” tacked on). Some of you may know or have even played the updated version of Persona 4, given the name Persona 4 Golden, which introduces a new main character and changes a few of the mechanics in the game. Well, Golden is getting it’s own anime coming in July.

I’m not too sure what to feel about this news; on one hand, I do enjoy the franchise, but on the other it seems very redundant to release another anime that will basically be the same story with one extra character. This series among a slew of other Persona 4 related spin-offs that Atlus is releasing in the lead up to Persona 5. Maybe they have some master plan that I can’t hope to comprehend, maybe they’re just seeing how much stuff from the same series we’re willing to keep buying.

Source: Joystiq

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