Lionsgate Developing Power Rangers Movie


Because I guess someone, somewhere was asking for this… Power Rangers is getting the big screen adaptation once again, with a reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. And who’s behind this? Why, Lionsgate-…wait…what? Seriously? The studio that brought us Punisher: War Zone and the Saw Franchise? (To name a few projects).

The last time Power Rangers had a theatrical release was back with Turbo, in 1997. After that, the TV series’ became the primary focus. Somewhere along the line, rumors of Jason David Frank, a.k.a. Tommy Oliver (Green/White Mighty Morphin, Zeo Red, Turbo Red, Black Dino Thunder), wanted to or was getting a Green Ranger movie in the vein of The Dark Knight; a darker, grittier, more serious and violent series. Fans were on both sides, wanting it or just wanting JDF to let it go.

I don’t get the appeal of darker/serious Power Rangers, but it seems to be something people want. There’s a number of fan films doing the more serious MMPR remakes, or “re-imaginings” to give “fans what they want”. I don’t remember asking for it, but with how many of these things I’m seeing, I guess it was bound to happen with a big movie studio backing it. For now, I’m still unsure how to feel about this…until I hear more about it, I’ll be this way. I’ll be looking more into it as news comes, and will have a small part of me hoping that Sentai will notice me! Or someone at Lionsgate says, “Eh…give ’em the spandex and teach him some karate” and let me take a roll. But for now, all we can do… is wait…. may the Power protect us…

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