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Killing Floor 2 Officially Announced


Well…seems we’ve finally killed enough things to cover the first floor, so Tripwire is moving on to it’s second floor.

The first Killing Floor was released back in 2009, and since it’s release, Tripwire kept giving fans more, and more. There have been Holiday Specials, DLC of characters and weapons alike, Community Projects and more. It wasn’t until May 8th, that we finally got what we were waiting for; a sequel.

Not much has been announced in terms of possible story, or anything else really. But, with “most advanced gore system ever” as a bullet point, I’m only more excited to get my hands on it. We’ll cover it more as news pops out of the ominous vents dripping blood, and get our Dosh ready for spendin’.

Source: Polygon

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