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Homefront: The Revolution Announced

Now, let it be known that Homefront is one of my top 10 games, so you’d think a sequel finally being confirmed/announced would put me in a good mood. Well, with Homefront: The Revolution, this is not the case.

Crytek took over in development, and is working alongside Deep Silver to make the upcoming title. I watched the trailer (which you can see above), and was rather negative towards it. At the end of Homefront *SPOILER ALERT*, the assualt on the Golden Gate bridge ends with a cliff-hanger, and setup for us to finally make a stand against the North Koreans. Our armies are getting back together, joining with resistance fighters along the way. Where do we start in Revolution? Sci-fi Philadelphia. Because… why the fuck not?

The game is set in a future version of Philly, and suddenly jumps from the series’ serious warfare route, to what feels way too much like a bad sci-fi movie. Let’s see, dystopian-esc cities and designs? Check. Guns that look like they were originally ment for a Mass Effect parody? Check. Weird City Scanner hoverbots? Check. North Koreans jumping from realistic military uniforms/armor to Ghost In The Shell bootleg armors? Check. Fucking zeppelins? You better fucking believe it! Seriously, what the hell’re you doing Crytek? And taking a FPS and turning it into an open-world, free roaming, stealth-combat hybrid? With smart-phone hacking and co-op? That’s just… I mean… you know what, fuck it.

I knew Crytek’d fuck it up. Christ, they managed to ruin Crysis on their own, why not get another franchise now? Well… this’ll be fun just watching it crash and burn, more so. I’ll regrettably be keeping an eye on more news at it comes out, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open.

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