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Birds Disguised as Robots, in Disguise


There’s big, bird related news in gaming today as Rovio announced its latest rebranding of the Angry Birds franchise – Angry Birds: Transformers!

In another attempt to goad your children into prying your hard earned money from your Google Wallet, Rovio has chosen to mix in another classic universe of characters, this time from the venerable Transformers franchise.

The game will probably fit the same established freemium formula that’ll allow folks to pick up the game for free and spend cash on upgrades and unlocks as they desire. Gameplay is a little nebulous at the moment, but the names of the two sides in the never ending battle are my favorite part so far; the Autobirds and Deciptihogs!

The big hook here will also be a toy line that will coincide with the launch of the game. A list of toys popped up on Hasbro’s website briefly before disappearing back into the ether, which hinted at multiple lines of goodies. Personally, I could go for a Bumblebird or Megahog keychain, but some of the toys will work like the rest of Rovio’ ‘Telepopds’, allowing fans to purchase physical representations of their favorite characters that can then be imported into the game a la Skylanders.

If you’ve got kids or a nostalgic bone, look forward to Angry Birds: Transformers coming to a department or app store in the near future!

Source: Joystiq

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