Devon Aoki, Peter Stormare, Brandon Routh Join CW’s Arrow


With the new Flash series coming soon and the more comic book-ish second season of Arrow, The CW seems to be leaning a bit more into the comic book roots with their shows. And it looks like they’re continuing down this path by announcing three new recurring characters for season three: Count Vertigo, Katana, and the Atom.

First is Peter Stormare as Werner Zytle, better known to comic fans as Count Vertigo. In the universe of the show, there’s a drug called Vertigo in Starling City that was manufactured by a man called The Count, played by Seth Gambel. He’s dead now, so Zytle will be stepping in to take over the business, rebranding himself as Vertigo. Vertigo will be the first villain of season three, making his debut in the season premiere this fall.

Next up we have Devon Aoki as Tatsu Yamashiro, also known as Katana. Katana is a martial arts expert who wields a sword, coincidentally enough it’s also a katana, which contains the soul of everyone the sword has killed, including her dead husband. At the end of season two we saw in a flashback the Oliver Queen was in Hong Kong during the five years before he went home, so that’s probably where we’ll run into Katana. She’s going to be a mentor of Oliver’s, helping him become the hero he is in the present.

Finally Brandon Routh will be joining as Ray Palmer, better known as the Atom or by his catchphrase, “I’m Ray Palmer. Welcome to pain.” He is an inventor and superhero who, thanks to the remnants of a white dwarf star he keeps in a belt, can alter the size of himself and others. In the show he will be the new owner of Queen Consolidated and be doing some shady business with their Applied Sciences Division. He is also rumored to be a potential love interest for Felicity Smoak.

The third season of Arrow will be premiering on The CW on October 8th.

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