DC Announces Trinity of Sin Series to Launch in October


Of the many, many, many, many, many stupid things DC did with the New 52 was the Trinity of Sin. They were a trio of the worst sinners in the DC Universe when the reboot hit. The Trinity consists of The Phantom Stranger, who is Judas and thus no longer a Stranger, Pandora, the woman who created the New 52 universe but hasn’t really done dick in it since, and The Question, who went from being an awesome detective with skills rivaling Batman’s to a magic man who only asked questions. All three of them are getting a single book now.

Newsarama is reporting that this October will see the launch of Trinity of Sin, written by J.M. DeMatteis and drawn by Yvel Guichet. The book will focus on the team trying to redeem themselves in the eyes of God or his Scottish Terrier and try to save humanity, even though they hate each. The book will pick up after the end of the Stranger’s and Pandora’s solo series, but DeMatteis said that it won’t follow them “in any direct way.” So if you haven’t read these two books but still want to check out this one, you can jump in clean.

DeMatteis, who wrote the character a bit in some of the more recent issues of The Phantom Stranger, talked about The Question a bit and what he’ll be like in the new book, saying…

I’ve had the opportunity to write the Question several times in Phantom Stranger, and what I find most fascinating about him is the fact that he’s certain that he’s been railroaded — that he, in fact, is not evil, that the true evil lies with Pandora and the Stranger. He hates the fact that he’s been lumped in with the Trinity, that he’s viewed as some kind of monster.

At the same time, the Question’s past is a blank: He has absolutely no idea who he truly is, so he might, in fact, be the greatest sinner of them all. And the very idea of that terrifies him.

The fact that Pandora and the Stranger have their memories in tact also galls the Question. Why was his mind wiped clean while they get to remember?

Trinity of Sin will be launching this October.

Source: Newsarama

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