The Falcon is the New Captain America


When the new Thor was revealed a couple of days back, I mentioned that Captain America had turned into an old man. In the pages of his book, Steve Rogers had the super soldier serum sucked out of him, leaving him old and unable to be Captain America anymore. So Marvel needs a new Captain, and they’ve chosen one.

Marvel has announced that this fall Sam Wilson, also known as the Falcon, will be picking up the shield and donning the stars and stripes as the new Captain America. His new book, All-New Captain America, will be launching this fall, written by Rick Remender and drawn by Stuart Immonen. Speaking with Marvel, Remender said…

I’ve been having a lot of fun writing Sam. It’s a completely different attitude. The fact that he’s not a soldier shifts things up a bit. Sam’s not going to be Steve. Steve can be very rigid. That can be kind of joyless at times, whereas Sam is absolutely not that.

Falcon won’t be trading in his wings for the shield, though, more like adding the shield to his arsenal. As you can in the cover above, the new Captain America suit has wings on it, so Falcon will be able to fly around and drop himself into the fray to throw his shield at people then fly off when shit gets hairy.

But Falcon won’t be alone. Ian, Steve’s adopted son from Dimension Z, will be coming back and fighting along side Falcon as Nomad, an identity used by Steve back in the day. And Steve himself will be sticking around, acting as a tactician and giving advice from home base.

Some people have pointed out the similarities between this and Batman Beyond, but as long as it’s well written I really don’t care. I liked Batman Beyond. I could use some more Batman Beyond.

All-New Captain America #1 goes on sale this fall.

Source: Marvel

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