This Month, Let’s Watch The Asylum’s Mockbusters


It is now August, and Nicolas Cage Month has reached its glorious conclusion. Wasn’t that a fun month? In fact, it was so fun, we just have to follow it up with something absolutely terrible. And who is more synonymous with terrible than The Asylum?

For the month of August, we’re going to be taking a look at some of The Asylum’s mockbusters, the movies they release with similar names to a big movie around the same time as those big movies in the hopes that people will pick their movies up by accident. It seems those hopes have paid off, as grandmothers everywhere who weren’t quite listening to what movies their grandkids wanted bankrolled this company. As always, the schedule is below, and as always, please to enjoy.

  • August 1st – Paranormal Entity
  • August 8th – Mega Piranha
  • August 15th – American Battleship (also know as American Warships)
  • August 22nd – Atlantic Rim
  • August 29th – Titanic II

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