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Hyrule Warriors – No Online For You!


If you own a Wii U and were planning on hooking up with some buddies online in Hyrule Warriors, think again. It’s time to clear off the other half of the couch and make some friends the old fashioned way as word has come out that the Dynasty Warriors/Legend of Zelda mash-up is ditching online multiplayer in favor of local co-op.

This change of plan so far appears to only affect the story mode co-op as some sort of online play is supposed to be available, although the content of that component could be as little as a mini-game…

This really puts the game in a strange place being that most of the later dynasty Warriors had an online component, and the Wii U has kind of upped Nintendo’s game in terms of online interaction. Being that this is L.O.Z., one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, chances are it won’t hurt in the end and sales figures will tell if this is really that big a deal, or merely another curiosity in the castle that Yamauchi built…

Remember Friend Codes?

Source: Destructoid

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