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XCOM: The Board Game Coming to a Table Top Near you


Super-elaborate board games are all the rage with the kids these days and the latest franchise to ride the wave is Firaxis Games with a XCOM: The Board Game.

Firaxis has teamed up with genre experts Fantasy Flight Games to develop an interesting twist on the typical card and table game. This game is played in conjunction with a companion app that will run on a phone or tablet which will coordinate the alien invasion. The app will run through one of five different general invasion plans which outline the actions and plans of the alien commanders. The app will even include methods to help train players how to be successful in the game.

The main meat and potatoes of the gameplay is handled through dice, cards, tokens, and miniatures. One fun element thrown in is the “press-your-luck” mechanic; the chance to keep rolling through progressively difficult challenges with the dice. Keep rolling to maximize your attacks, or lose it all in one bad roll!

More info on the game will be revealed soon in Indianapolis during GenCon 2014.

Source: Polygon

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