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Look Out! A Walking Dead FPS is Shambling This Way!

Starbreeze Studios revealed that their development house, Overkill Software,  are working on a tantalizing new project: a Walking Dead FPS co-op game!

The teaser trailer reveals absolutely nothing about the game, but plays up the emotional toll the zombie apocalypse takes on average people, with a survivor refusing to open his apartment door to let a young girl take refuge from the hoards. Once the zombies make her lunch, the unseen man ends his own life…

Starbreeze’s CEO Andersson Klint says the game will be a first person shooter that will fit in to the traditional industry model. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’ll be a carbon copy of the existing formula, and more of a ‘best of the best’ consolidation of ideas. Klint also didn’t mention any specific systems, but said that is will run on their current Diesel game engine, updated to the next generation standards.

The teaser trailer ends with a little surprise message from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman in which he more or less expresses that he’s a big fan of Starbreeze Studios and that he’s super excited for the game, adding that it’s the co-op game fans have been waiting for.

Starbreeze have published some of my personal favorite games, like The Darkness and the Riddick series, and Overkill are responsible for the Payday series. I felt their FPS’ were great in terms of immersion, so I’d say the game is definitely in good hands!

Source: Joystiq

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