This Month, Let’s Watch Sequels… The Sequel


A few years back, after we did a few commentary tracks, we decided we should do a theme week. Five movies for five days straight that had something tying them all together. And that theme was sequels. Of course we did that week in December and we lost our anniversary month to The Asylum but fuck it, I already have something planned for December and it’s too late to change it now so we’re doing this instead. Welcome to Sequel Month: The Sequel… Month.

Like last time, the only thing these movies have in common is that other movies came it before them in their respective franchises. We could have done something more, like having them be sequels or whatever to that first theme thing or be sequels to stuff we’ve watched before, but once again, fuck it. These were picked from a shortlist of noteworthy sequels we knew of or found on a list somewhere on the internet, and they were picked pretty much at random. So yeah… As always, full schedule with links is below. Please to enjoy.

  • September 5th – Predator 2
  • September 12th – I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
  • September 19th – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  • September 26th – American Psycho 2

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