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Platinum’s Legend of Korra Release Date Announced, New Game Mode Revealed


A release date has been announced for the exciting new element bending simulator, The Legend of Korra. On October 21st PlayStation and PC fans will be able to download and dive in, followed by Xbox the next day.

The Legend Of Korra game is being developed by Platinum Games, famous for the Bayonetta series and the recent cyborg ninja simulator Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and will be a third-person perspective beat-em-up that stays close to the style and story of the animated series. The action looks to be fast and fluid and will require the player to mix and match the different bending styles as in the show to defeat the various enemies and bosses.

The story will apparently fall between the 2nd and third books in the series and will include many nods and easter eggs that fans of the series will pick up on, as well as a special Pro-Bending Mode that unlocks after completing the game. This extra mode follows the rules laid out in the series and consists of a 3v3 battle on a confined sports arena where the goal is to force the other team off of the play field while taking over their territory. The player controls Korra and is accompanied by two AI companions as there is no form of multiplayer on offer.

The style and substance on offer should be enough to draw in any fan of the series and, depending on the competency of the finished game, could bring in lots of new gamers that may not be as familiar with the animated series itself. Check out the 30+minute interview on IGN for even more on this stylish new brawler.

Source: IGN

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