DC Announces Secret Six Relaunch



Just announced in the LA Times, fan favorite series Secret Six will make a long awaited return this December from DC comics. The creative team on the book includes writer Gail Simone, who had previously wrote a Secret Six mini-series back in 2006 followed by the ongoing series in 2008, and artist Ken Lashley, whose work you may have recently seen on Superman: Doomed. Gail Simone had hinted back in July, that she might be making a return to the title since she was wrapping up her acclaimed run on Batgirl, and this will mark the first relaunch of the series since it ended before the New 52.

Secret Six was a book that followed a group of villains and anti-heroes, which included a lot of dark humor and edginess, that Gail Simone has promised will still be evident in this version. Fans of the previous series will also be familiar with returning characters Catman and Black Alice, along with four members new to the book. Shown above is the cover art from the first issue by Dale Eaglesham, where you can take a look at the other team members, including what appears to be a Talon from Scott Snyder’s Batman series.

Source: LA Time, via Bleeding Cool


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