Charles Soule Signs Marvel Exclusive Contract


Charles Soule, who many have considered to be one of  the hardest working people in comics today for good reason as he at one point was writing several different ongoing series, including work for both Marvel, DC and Oni Press, while also maintaining a day job as an attorney, has just made headlines by signing a contract to go Marvel exclusive. What this means for his other books at DC is that he will no longer be writing them within a few months. This includes such titles as Swamp Thing, Superman/Wonder Woman, and Red Lanterns. As announced last month he will be replaced as the writer on Superman/Wonder Woman by Peter J. Tomasi in November, and will be ending his run on Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns by March, although new writers have yet to be announced.

Comic readers might be familiar with Charles Soule from his most recent high profile project Death of Wolverine, which is a weekly series that will run through September and is being drawn by Steve McNiven. This will be followed up by two previously announced series, The Logan Legacy and The Weapon X Program. Charles will also continue to write his current titles for Marvel, She-Hulk and Inhuman, and hopefully, although it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, Letter 44 from Oni Press. This shouldn’t be an issue since other Marvel writers have it written in their contract to continue to be able to write creator owned projects while still fulfilling their obligations to the company.

Charles Soule is definitely a creator whose work  in my opinion you should check out, he has quickly  risen to become one of comics more high profile writers in the past couple of years since breaking into the industry. Although it’s unfortunate that DC will be losing yet another good creator to Marvel, at least this time compared to previous incidents the writer will be leaving on good terms.

Source: THR

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