Legend of Korra Book 4 to Premiere in October


Legend of Korra Book Three ended in August. Now it’s a month later and we’re getting the announcement that the next season is premiering in three weeks. That is insane, and also very awesome.

Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, creators of Korra, announced on that the fourth and final season, called Balance, will be premiering on October 3rd on and the Nick app. Book Three, called Change, was originally broadcast on TV, but due to declining ratings and the fact that Korra was on right before SpongeBob or some other Nick show with that kind of tone, the series stopped airing mid-season and the remainder was released on and was more successful.

The fact that we are getting a new season so soon after the previous one ended is great. I guess since they moved to solely online distribution they can crank the show out faster and not have to worry about TV seasons or what have you. There are probably a lot more cynical reasons that could be given, but I’m happy so fuck off.

Legend of Korra Book FourBalance is set to premiere on October 3rd on and the Nick app.


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