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Sherlock Holmes and Watson Join The Great Ace Attorney


Earlier this year, it was announced that a new Ace Attorney game set in the Meiji Period of Japan was in development. Called The Great Ace Attorney, the game follows Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, an ancestor of Phoenix Wright’s. But on top of Ryuunosuke and his female assistant, two more will be joining their quest for justice.

Game Jouhou reported last week that Sherlock Holmes and Watson would be teaming up with Ryuunosuke and Susato, his assistant, but maybe not the versions you’re thinking of. While Sherlock Holmes is still Holmes but with steampunk goggles, Watson is not John Watson, but Iris Watson, who “holds a medical Ph.D. at the age of 8, and wrote the novel series, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” Famitsu released images of the two characters, who will be used in the game’s new Collaborative Deduction system which will expanded upon at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.



The Great Ace Attorney is set for release on 3DS in Japan next spring.

Source: Game Jouhou, via Crunchyroll

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