DC To Revamp Vertigo Imprint In 2015


In a recent interview with ICV2, DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio discussed the current state of their Vertigo line of books,  and big plans to completely revamp the imprint in 2015. Lee stated that they will increase the number of titles currently being released in the new year, but scale back on OGN material and other special releases Vertigo was known for in the past. Lee had this to say regarding the changes…

If you look at what we’re going to do in 2015 (which I’m not at liberty to discuss at this moment), possibly first quarter next year, you’ll see that we’re going through a major effort to rebrand the imprint. That’s going to come about through the projects themselves.

They also reassured longtime fans that the imprint is still a major priority for the company and something that they strongly believe in, and that they are working on a “hit list” of some of the best creators currently in the business which they will be announcing in early 2015. Over the past couple of years majority of creator owned  books have been published over at Image as they’ve quickly became one of the best, if not the best in my opinion of publishers today in comics. With the return of the great Brian K. Vaughan to comics and his fantastic series Saga, along came many other of the most talented writers in the business with their fresh new ideas and creativity, leaving much to be desired over at Vertigo as they had only a handful of popular titles being written by their previous talent. When speaking on creator owned comics Jim lee had this to say…

You just can’t rest on your laurels, especially on a creator-driven business. You don’t have the legacy of characters like Batman and Superman to draw upon. It really all comes down to the creators and the concepts that they bring to the table.

Given the current state of everything going on over at Image with no end in site, and the series currently being published at DC, some great ones even ending in the next few months, it’s hard to say whether or not the publisher will be able to drum up enough interest in order to breath new life into their Vertigo imprint. Given that some of my most favorite series of all time happened over at Vertigo over the years such as Y The Last Man, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, 100 Bullets, Scalped, Sweet Tooth, Hellblazer, and the list goes on, I really hope and look forward to some great new titles to be announced in 2015 in order to bring some greatness back to the publisher where you originally went to read great creator owned comics.

Source: ICV2, via ComicVine

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