DC Announces Convergence Event In 2015


DC has recently announced their new company event entitled Convergence, starting in April 2o15 with issue #0, written by Jeff King and Dan Jurgens, and drawn by Ethan Van Sciver. The first issue comes out April 1st,  which also coincides with the release of the final issues of DC’s weekly series Earth 2: Worlds End and Futures End, both books which also play with future and alternate timelines within the current DC universe. The event will run weekly for a total of 2 months (nine weeks) alongside 40 2-part miniseries to be released throughout April and May, each based on different characters, worlds, and storylines, that have occurred throughout the entire history of the DC universe. Similar to other wide line DC events in the past, like Villians month or Zero month, these books will be replacing DC’s regularly released titles for the months of April and May. Some of the characters to make a return that have been teased  so far are fan favourites Stephanie Brown Batgirl, Barbara Gordon as Oracle, and Renee Montaya Question, just to name a few. Some promo art that was released is shown above which teases those and a bunch of the different characters that will be making a return in their own miniseries.

The event has already been compared to DC’s popular classic event Crisis on Infinite Earths, that will be celebrating a 30 year anniversary next year, and which ended with a total reboot of the current DC universe at that time, along with the deaths of many popular versions of characters and the converging of the alternate earths in order to make up a new continuity. The news is also very similar with what is going on across the street at Marvel, where they will also be doing an alternate earth storyline event in Secret Wars, which was also a popular event of the past.

So with all these new announcements, all I can say as a reader and a fan is that DC editorially seems to be unclear as to where they stand in their continuity and timelines within the currently re-established New 52 universe, by not showing any clear direction and which may result in yet another occurrence where DC hits the reset button. Sure, from a marketing standpoint it’s a way to sell a shitload of books, not only by announcing the release of an insane amount of miniseries and a weekly event, but by also trying to please the old DC fans yearning for the past. For new readers, though, I would assume it’s a nightmare and a horrible jumping on point given that you would have no other choice but to commit to reading the books offered in April and May that span over all different times within the DCU’s history. In conclusion, the point I’m trying to make is that even as a current reader of these books I get confused sometimes and feel the fatigue from too many events, all while still trying to make sense of it all. Admittedly, I’m also part of the problem since I continue to buy into the hype, looking for a great story to be told as a result and to be in the know, but if this is something that doesn’t sound like it would appeal to you just steer clear until June, and I’m sure there will be something new coming out as a result.

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