Marvel Announces Guardians Of The Galaxy Team Up Book


Marvel recently announced that this February they will be launching an all new Guardians Of The Galaxy team up book, entitled Guardians Team-Up, with Brian Michael Bendis on writing duties and Art Adams as the artist on the first issue. Brian Michael Bendis is, of course, the writer of the main Guardians book currently being published by Marvel, but will be launching this new title in hopes of expanding the Guardians involvement within the Marvel universe by teaming them up with various characters in the old school tradition of a Marvel Fanfare or Marvel Team Up style book.

The first two issue storyline will be written by Bendis, who will team up the Guardians with the Avengers, a group who Bendis previously had wrote the adventures of from 2004-2012. Then Sam Humphries will be writing issue 3, which will be a standalone chapter, that’s part of the Black Vortex crossover event recently announced here. This will be followed up by other writers and artists jumping on board to write their own stories with these characters, with Bendis sporadically returning to write more. When interviewed by USAToday Bendis had this to say about the book…

Part of my uber-plan was to have the Guardians be more a part of the Marvel Universe and not off doing their own thing.

This news of course comes fresh off the success of the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie last summer, which Marvel will be more then likely trying to expand the properties of, given that a sequel is right around the corner. Whether or not yet another team up book is the answer to that, the fun characters that they’ve already announced that will be making an appearance like She-Hulk and Deadpool, and the fact that Art adams is drawing the first issue is enough reason for me to check it out.

Source: USA Today

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