Justin Jordan Leaving The New Guardians


As announced on Justin Jordan’s Facebook this past Friday, Jordan wrote that he would be ending his run on Green Lantern: New Guardians with issue 40 in the new year, which followed the adventures of Kyle Rayner within the Lantern Corps, and that Jordan has been writing since taking over the writing duties with issue 21. He then went on to explain that the decision to leave the series was his, and that while he still enjoys writing the book, and although he hasn’t had any issues with DC, after writing about 400 pages of the series, he feels that he’s told the story that he’s wanted to tell. Many might be familiar with Jordan’s work from his popular creator owned books over at Image, the Luther Strode series, and his newest book Spread. When speaking on his experience writing the book and why he took the job Justin had this to say…

I took New Guardians because I wanted a challenge – I’d never written a cosmic book, not anything so sci fi, and I wanted to stretch. And it’s been great. I loved working with my editors, with Brad Walker and the rest of the artistic team. And I think we put out a good book.

While speaking to fans in the comments section Jordan also mentioned that, while he doesn’t have anything planned or in the works currently at DC after this, he is pitching them some new stuff, so you may not have seen the last of him over in the DCU. Although I can’t speak on this book since I’ve never read it myself, I can speak on the talents of Justin Jordan, and he is definitely a writer who is on the rise and one whose work you should look out for in my opinion.

Source: CBR

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