Image Announces New Rat Queens Artist

RQsejic-600x911 Image has just announced Stjepan Sejic as the new ongoing artist on Rat Queens, who will be joining the book with issue #9 in February, following the also recently announced Rat Queens special in January, entitled  Rat Queens Special: Braga #1, featuring guest artist Tess Fowler. This, of course, follows the somewhat controversial news of the departure of the series previous artist Roc Upchurch, who writer of Rat Queens Kurtis Wiebe went into detail to explain the reasoning behind it here on his blog.  Editor of the book Jim Valentino had this to say of the announcement…

Having admired Stjepan’s work at Top Cow for some time now I’m extremely excited about his coming on board to Rat Queens. He will usher in an exciting new era for one of our most popular titles.

Wiebe added…

I’m excited to have Stjepan bring the Rat Queens to life in his distinctive style, a voice that understands both the heart and the humor of Hannah, Dee, Betty and Violet. The future of the series is brighter than ever and we’re looking forward to getting new issues out to fans.

If you haven’t checked out Rat Queens yet I suggest you take this opportunity to get caught up on the first 8 issues in time for its return in January. I feel I mention all the time how many great books Image has been putting out lately, and this is yet just another fine example of a fun and funny fantasy adventure book, that follows a group of strong female characters, and is personally one of my favourite books at the moment being published. Source: Bleeding Cool

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