Gerry Conway Returns To Spider-Man In Spiral This March


This March legendary Spider-Man writer Gerry Conway returns to write the character, along with Carlos Barberi on art duties, in Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral, a brand new 5 issue series beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #16.1. The series has been described as Peter taking on the criminal underworld, as gang wars rage for dominance following the fallout of the removal of Kingpin from Shadowland, while Police Captain Yuri Watanabe tries to serve justice in her own way, as a member of the NYPD and as the Wraith. Gerry Conway had this to say of the series…

Hammerhead; Tombstone; the Circus of Crime; Black Cat and Mr. Negative – they’re all at each other’s throats because there’s no single overlord of crime currently running things in New York. Things only escalated, especially after the Goblin King fell out of the scene and Doc Ock is no longer operating as the Superior Spider-Man – keeping a lid on everything.

Initially I was not a fan of the .1 issue initiative that Marvel had started doing a few years ago, simply because despite the claim that they were to serve as a perfect jumping on point for new readers, I found that over time this wasn’t always the case. Sometimes it seems its just a way to sell even more issues of a popular comic, and in this case they are using it as just another opportunity to tell a Spider-Man story that is totally separate from what is going on within the main title. Regardless, as long as it turns out to be a good Spider-Man story worth telling, I’m sure the fans will be happy. We can never have enough great Spider-Man stories now, can we?

Source: ComicVine


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