17 DC Series Ending in March


As evidenced in DC’s March Solicitations, 17 of their current ongoing series will be ending prior to their Convergence event, which will be replacing all their regular titles for the months of April and May. This shouldn’t come as quite a surprise, as DC has been known to cancel multiple titles at once throughout the existence of the New 52, as a result of low sales or editorial problems. The list of the 13 cancelled titles, which are otherwise being solicited as books that are coming to an end, include Arkham Manor, Aquaman And The Others, Infinity Man And The Forever People, Klarion, Secret Origins, Swamp Thing, Star Spangled Stories ft. GI Zombie, Trinity Of Sin, World’s Finest, Batwoman, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Red Lanterns. Five of those titles have also been around since the start of the New 52, and will be ending with issue 40. Along with that there are 3 more titles which are coming to their scheduled conclusion; the year long weekly series Batman Eternal, Earth 2: World’s End, and The New 52: Futures End.  Lastly, March will bring the conclusion of Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three with issue #12, the only non-mainstream DCU book to end that month.When contacted by CBR a DC spokesperson had this to say about the cancellations…

While certain titles will have reached their final issues as of March 2015, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the characters associated with them are going away. On the contrary, be on the lookout for these characters to play key, important roles in new and ongoing titles.

Now what fans are wondering is what does the publisher have planned next in terms of replenishing their line with new books, since losing 16 regular DCU ongoing titles would leave the New 52 looking more like the New 36. A quick glance of the remaining titles being published would show that DC will be primarily left with a lot of Batman books, Justice League books, and anything that is found within DC’s TV or movie properties being made at the moment. All safe bets as far as sales go, yet this doesn’t really leave much room for new types of books, or characters you normally wouldn’t see with their own solo title. Quite honestly though there couldn’t have been a better time to cancel these books, what with the hiatus of all the regular titles for 2 months anyways, which I’ve always felt is a bad move on DC’s part since who’s to say that people will want to return after the stories they’ve been enjoying are put on hold all of a sudden, for an event they may not even be interested in. Whatever ends up happening we will have to wait till February to find out what DC has planned next editorially, and what new books will be announced.

Source: CBR

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