This Month, Let’s Watch Time Travel Movies


Happy 2015, y’all! We made it through another year and now we’re in the future. Crystal Pepsi’s gonna be making a comeback, our cars will soon be able to hover, and we’re gonna be getting 15 new Jaws movies between now and October. Since we’re in the future now, might as well watch some movies about time travel.

For the movies that were on the shortlist, we looked at a few different kinds of time travel. Time machine stuff, magic, being frozen and thawed out in the future, and genetics I guess. We wanted a wide range of time travel types. And since the actual first Friday of the month was during our break, the first week is a twofer. As always, full schedule is below. Please to enjoy.

  • January 9th – Demolition Man The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • January 16th – Source Code
  • January 23rd – Looper
  • January 30th – Timeline

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