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1 Comment on Bunch of People Getting Sued by ThinkOptics

  1. BovieWan

    This is a ridiculous notion. Although ThinkOptics may have a strong arguement about the design being similar to theirs, their negligence in making this public knowledge is staggering. The Wii was initially announced at E3 2004. At this point the system was not fully developed but the basic idea of the system was given. This was the first oportunity for ThinkOptics to raise a complaint and try to work to a reasonable solution. One year later, at E3 2005, the Wii was unveiled showing the full design and gameplay. Once again this is the point where ThinkOptics should be waving their red flags. The Wii was released in 2006, meaning it has been selling and making money for 5 years. What possible reason is there to wait so long, other than making more money from the lawsuit? If ThinkOptics argues that Nintendo should have known about their patent then there’s no way they can say they didn’t know about the Wii for 7 years. Finally, the stores that sold the system are not responsible for the patent offenses. They already paid money to Nintendo for the right to sell the system. If Nintendo sold those rights without having them it’s their responsibility to pay for them.

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