IDW To Launch Disney Comic Line


IDW recently announced plans for this April to launch a whole new lineup of Marvel books, starting off with Uncle Scrooge #1, a Donald Duck series to follow in May, and a Mickey Mouse series in June. This will be followed up with the publication of the long running series Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories, to resume with issue #723 in September. When asked by Newsarama why a Disney lineup of comics is being licensed out to another publisher instead of Marvel, since they are now owned by Disney, Marvel declined to comment.

Uncle Scrooge #1 will feature the reprinting of a classic italian Uncle Scrooge tale from the 1960’s, and IDW says that this series and the others will feature a mix of reprints and new material as well. They will also be releasing themed variant covers each month based on popular Disney rides and theme parks, including the Haunted Mansion, Epcot, Adventureland, and more.

Source: Nrama 

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