This Month, Let’s Watch More of the Worst Movies Ever

Movie 43

I know, this is really late. But you didn’t have to watch Movie 43, alright? That shit takes some time to recover from. I’m still having waking nightmares about Hugh Jackman’s throatum. Speaking of that terror, we’re watching more of the worst movies ever made.

Last February we watched four of the movies that are widely considered some of the worst ever made, but there are still plenty to go through before we’re done. So I guess this is a thing now. Also, you may not have noticed but we didn’t put out a Let’s Watch on the first Friday of the month. That’s because we watched Movie 43, which was supposed to be the first movie for this month. But the movie was a serious contender for the worst movie any of us had seen, and the Let’s Watch suffered for it. Our commentary was so bad we didn’t feel right posting it for you guys, so we said “Fuck it” and are just doing three movies this month. You can find our schedule for those three below, and welcome to Hell. Please to enjoy.

  • February 13th – Birdemic: Shock and Terror
  • February 20th – North
  • February 27th – Mommie Dearest

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