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Shadow Realms Vanishes Back in to the Shadows


If you were looking forward to the 4v1 fantasy action promised by Shadow Realms, please take a seat. BioWare Austin, who were heading up the development, have been reassigned to other existing projects, leaving the game in cryostasis, potentially never to be revived.

The game would have consisted of four players matching up against one other player who controlled multiple aspects of the game. The ‘modern world meets fantasy’ aesthetic and serial nature of the game were unique ideas and would have played well to the company’s strengths in the realm of RPG action and storytelling. Unfortunately, the company has decided to invest that energy into existing Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars game development instead.

The studio’s GM Jeff Hickman explains that the main basis for the decision was built from feedback from fans at events and play tests and that the teams are already hard at work on the other properties. I guess this also means we’ll possibly never know what the hell the story was with smoke monster man after all…

Source: Shadow Realms

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