Ghost Rider To Be Changed To Ghost Racers During Secret Wars


As recently announced by Marvel, this June the Ghost Rider ongoing series, previously announced as ending with its last issue solicited, will live on but in a different incarnation as the title of the book gets changed to Ghost Riders during Marvel’s Secret Wars event, and will be featured under the Battleworld banner of books. The series will continue to be written by Ghost Rider writer Felipe Smith, and illustrated by Juan Gedeon. This new direction for the series features a bunch of past Ghost Riders, including the current spirit of vengeance Robbie Reyes, Danny Ketch, Johnny Blaze, Alejandra Blaze, and many more, who end up having to battle for their very souls in a death race, as a part of a Battleworld arena. Senior editor Mark Paniccia had this to say of the book…

This is the book that every Ghost Rider fan is going to dig. We’re not losing the heart and soul of the concept—the human drama of holding the demons at bay—especially with Robbie Reyes, but by God we’re leaning into the vehicle design, speed and hellfire of it all. It’s visual dynamite.

Although the great soon to be concluded current Ghost Rider series will be changed as a result of Secret Wars, and as much as I’m usually against the majority of tie in books involved within events,  since usually in my opinion the overall quality goes down and a story you were enjoying gets put on hold while the event plays out, I am very much still looking forward to this book. When I saw that Ghost Rider was solicited as coming to an end with issue #12, I was disappointed since I’ve really enjoyed the series, so at this point I’m just happy to be able to continue reading the story of Robbie Reyes, as he was such a breakout new character for me this past year. Not to mention the premise of Ghost Racers actually sounds like it could be a lot of fun, and the new artists preview pages found below look really great too. For all of these reasons I will definitely be checking out Ghost Racers this June and hope to continue this fun ride.

Source: ComicVine

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