This Month, Let’s Watch YA Movies


Picture, if you will, a teenager roughly between the ages of 15 and 17. They are living in the not too distant future where Earth is fucked and they are living in a society governed by a weird regime that insists on sectioning people off into various cliques. Then one day, that teen is thrown into some kind of mortal combat (not that one) type scenario which eventually resolves itself with them taking down the regime and being the hero they always knew they would be. Then they fuck one of the really attractive but horribly underdeveloped opposite sex characters and call it a day. I just described 80% of popular young adult novel stories. 15% have the teen find out their the bestest magic person ever followed by hijinks, and the final 5% is just teenagers being teenagers. Now let’s watch a bunch of movies based on YA novels.

For the month of March we’re going to be watching some of the… movies based on a bunch of YA novel series you’ve never heard of and The Hunger Games. We already banged out the entirety of Twilight and Harry Potter (it got kinda YA-y in the later installments), so we figured we’d take a stab at the rest of the genre. Below you will find the schedule and, as always, please to enjoy.

  • March 6th – I Am Number Four
  • March 13th – The Hunger Games
  • March 20th – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  • March 27th – The Host

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