First Look at CBS’ Supergirl Costume

We haven’t done much coverage on CBS’ upcoming Supergirl series for a variety of reasons, but it’s mainly been a combination of laziness and lack of caring about the actual show. But it’s still kind of an important thing when you look at it in relation to the other DC series on TV right now. So we might as well talk about it a bit with the reveal of Melissa Benoist in the Supergirl costume.





Personally, I’m not that a big a fan of it. It looks kind of cheap and too much like the Man of Steel suit to me, which I really didn’t like. It’s especially weird having it remind of that because Warner Bros. have gone out of there way to tell us that the TV shows will never be crossing over with the movies. What do you guys think of the costume?

Source: TVLine

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  1. Ben Birdwhistell

    I see the Man of Steel comparison. DC seems to be scared of bright colors like white, yellow, or bright blue or red. Unfortunately all of these are prominent colors in Superman/Supergirl costumes. I kind of like the way the actress looks in the costume, but I can’t really get excited about this given that A) it’s on CBS, and B)It’s being made by the same people that made Arrow, a show that I am increasingly growing tired of.

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