Let’s Watch The Hunger Games – YA Month

This week we watch The Hunger Games.

If you like this movie, please support it by purchasing a copy from Amazon. You can also purchase a copy of the book if you liked it better.

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3 Comments on Let’s Watch The Hunger Games – YA Month

  1. You guys should really get someone who knows the books or something to watch this movie with you. The let’s watch was pretty funny but it’s kind of annoying listening to Deadman talk with authority about parts of the story he has no clue about. I think 90% percent of the “this doesn’t make sense” moments actually do if you read the books.

    • Birdy

      I will admit that this movie might have made more sense to me if I’d read the books, but that’s usually not a good reason for plot problems. Further, understanding the story wouldn’t have saved the God awful camera work. Still I ultimately liked this movie. I just think it had problems.

    • Sorry you thought I was annoying. Everything I said I got from the wiki and from what I’ve heard the books are more intricate and interesting, and they could be cool for all I know. The movie wasn’t, though. Not really.

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