CM Punk Writing New Drax Solo Series


Marvel announced at C2E2 CM Punk’s next project; he will be writing the ongoing Drax solo series this winter, making this the last of the Guardians to get their own solo series, along with the regular Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians 3000, and Guardians Team Up. CM Punk most recently had his first comic writing gig featured in the Thor Annual, along with Rob Guillory on art duties of Chew fame.

If I’m being completely honest I can’t say that I’m personally that excited to see yet another Guardians book, and because I don’t really watch wrestling, or am that familiar with CM Punk, the appeal of him writing a book doesn’t do much for me. That being said I’m all for fans of characters who you normally wouldn’t see with an ongoing title get the chance at one, and new people getting the chance to be able to write comics for a living. So if this is something that does interest you make sure to look out for this series come winter and give the book your support, it’s always more difficult especially today with how the internet works for new unexpected voices to be given a fair shake in the industry. 

Source: BleedingCool

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