DC Confirms Frank Miller’s Dark Knight 3: The Master Race


Announced at the DC comics panel by Brian Azzarello at C2E2, Frank Miller will be making his return to the series that put his name on the map with the Dark Knight 3: The Master Race. Writers Brian Azzarello and Scott Snyder will be sharing the writing duties with Miller in some capacity on the project, with more information to be announced regarding the rest of the creative team.

Now, it’s no secret that Frank Miller is a very polarizing individual, in his comic work and his  political views and other offensive comments made publicly throughout the years. I’m not going to get into everything specifically here but just listen to our most recent comics podcast on the site if you’re at all interested to hear some of our thoughts. He also is responsible for what most comic fans consider to be one of the most important Batman stories of our time, The Dark Knight Returns, which basically paved the way for the more dark and gritty tone Batman has been portrayed in comics and films even till this day.

I have mixed feelings on this announcement due to the fact that even though Frank Miller has written some great comics a long time ago (including his character defining run on Daredevil which the current Netflix series has taken a lot of ideas from). In more recent times he hasn’t exactly given me a reason to expect this to be a well written story that isn’t filled with offensive political overtones, given that the last thing he wrote was Holy Terror. Even the title The Master Race has caused an uproar of negative criticism that makes me wonder why exactly DC was comfortable being associated with this suggestive title given Frank Miller’s past. They say that even bad publicity is good publicity no matter how you look at it, and that being said I can’t say I disagree in the sense that I will definitely be checking this out simply because I’m super curious as to what this story will entail for the caped crusader, and how bat shit crazy things might get. 

Source: BleedingCool

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