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“Igavania” Returns via Bloodstained on Kickstarter

Recently freed game designer and father of Castlevania: SotN, Koji Igarashi, has started a Kickstarter for a completely new series called Bloodstaned. As of this writing, the project is just over 2 million dollars, a little bit more than the original $500k goal, so needless to say, it’s going to be big!

The game itself will be developed by Inti Creates with Iga serving as project lead backed by the likes of Michiru Yamane and Ippo Yamada, composers of Castlevania and Mega Man games from the last decade, respectively.

The story follows Miriam, a youngish female victim of evil alchemist plots, fused with magical crystals that enable her abilities. The main villain, Gebel, apparently summoned a demon castle to possibly protect Miriam, but is now lost in crystal-disease madness and only seeks to use her abilities to unknown ends.

The game will feature many familiar themes from the ‘Igavania’ generation of Castlevania games. There will be the usual character leveling and varied items/weapons, but also crystals that add additional abilities and are used to upgrade and build new weapons through alchemy.

The Kickstarter page is one of my personal favorite elements of this already exciting project. It features the typical fare of a very nice introduction to the main characters and elements of the game, but it also has a damn nifty chart for tracking stretch and social goals.

In classic 8-bit pixel graphics, you’ll find a castle tower laying out the funding stretch goals that include things like an artbook, a second playable character , cheat codes, and more. Then further down on the page you’ll find the mysterious social media goals. These include goals for reaching certain numbers of followers and retweets as well as counters for fan art including drawings, web comics, and Vines.

Once predefined numbers of these goals are met, additional supporter rewards are added to the already overflowing pool of rewards.

Oh, and goddamned Solid Snake himself is voicing the main villain! Insane!

Source: Kickstarter

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