New Cast Added to One-Punch Man Anime


The official One-Punch Man anime site has announced two new cast members for the upcoming show.

The first is Yuki Kaji, known for playing Eren in Attack on Titan, has been cast as Speed of Sound Sonic. Sonic is a ninja, the self-proclaimed strongest ninja, and is Saitama’s self-appointed rival. He does incredibly well against most heroes but Saitama always manages to one-up him no matter what new special technique he busts out.

Next is Aoki Yuki, known for playing Madoka in Madoka Magica, has been cast as Tornado of Terror. She is the S-Class Rank 2 hero, making her one of the strongest people in the world. Her power is telekinesis.

One-Punch Man is scheduled to premiere this October.

Source: Official Site, via ANN

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